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Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics: Senior Design Project (2012)


The Mobility Assistance Device was brainstormed, designed, and prototyped by six Mechanical Engineering students at the University of Pennsylvania. 

The MAD is designed for patients with Multiple Sclerosis or similar diseases that reduce the quality of life. MS produces highly variable symptoms, which can result in reduced stability, various cognitive problems, and extreme fatigue in extremities, especially the legs.

Our goal was to provide a convertible product that assists the user in maintaining equilibrium and alleviates physical exhaustion. Numerous devices, such as wheelchairs and walkers, exist to facilitate mobility and to provide a sense of security to sufferers of such diseases. However, our investigations and interviews showed that no single device can satisfy all users’ needs.​

Prototype, prototype, prototype.
walker conversion.
​​​Rendered SolidWorks animation.
seat assist.
​​​Rendered SolidWorks animation.
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